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Preserved Farmland and Open Space
Serosun Farms Estate includes 300 acres of preserved farmland and restored upland and wetland prairie, savannah woodlands with walking trails, and stocked fishing ponds providing a beautifully maintained pastoral setting for the homes that will reside within the community. Our open space reflects the historical natural prairie ecosystems that were once present in this area and will be used to provide natural habitats, recreation, and buffer zones for the site. A recreational trail system will run through and connect the open spaces. An eight mile trail system provides a shared use environment for the community to explore the natural areas and provide recreation. It is intended to support hiking, jogging, biking and equestrian uses. Fitness stations will be located along the trails.
Working Sustainable Farm
Direct from the field to your dinner plate, enjoy healthy sustainable food with a freshness, flavor and tradition missing from the mass-produced items stocked by conventional grocery stores. At its core, Serosun Farms is a working sustainable farm that promotes local farming, healthy living and an appreciation for fresh, organic foods. An on-site farmers market will feature grass-fed meat, produce, herbs and other specialty items. Harvests will tempt cooks and food aficionados with regional, specialty and gourmet items. Presently the farm uses a hay, corn and soybean rotation and will transition to hay production. The hay products will supply the on-site equestrian center, local stables and dairy farms as well as rehabilitate the soil and start the sustainable certification process. From this start the farm will expand its program to include grass-fed beef and an initial selection of produce and herbs. The vision for the farm includes: * Grass farming, including hay and silage for horses and livestock * Grass-fed beef and other specialty livestock * Free-range poultry * Fruit trees, including apple, pear, plum and cherry * Berries, including raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries and blueberries * Nuts and specialty crops such as asparagus and rhubarb * Vegetables * Fresh herbs * Cut flowers * Prairie seed, honey products and other specialty items
Equestrian Facility
Serosun Farms is a horse enthusiasts' dream, with one of the most comprehensive and holistic boarding and training facilities in the Midwest. State-of-the-art barn and arena are at the center of a rural estate with 410 acres of beautiful rolling countryside. The facilities are complemented by professional board and care, and high-level fitness and training programs. Primary facilities will include over 36 large stalls, veterinary, breeding and fitness facilities, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, dressage and jumping rings, and a large number of all-weather paddocks and pastures that ensure maximum turnout time for the horses. High-quality hay is raised on site, and riders enjoy over eight miles of serene trails through farm, woodlands and prairie.
Outdoor Activities

Serosun offers many opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. Outdoor recreation opportunities range from running, walking, bike riding, and horseback riding, cross country skiing, and fishing to bird watching and gardening.  It offers many ways to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air with great vistas.  

Community Gardens
Estate members will have an opportunity to manage "their farm" on a much smaller scale as well. Community garden areas are set aside to allow residents a chance to grow their own fruits and vegetables. Take advantage of Serosun Farm's agricultural activities to learn tips and techniques in growing the best and freshest produce - from your gardens straight to your kitchen.
Educational and Community Activity Programs
Living a healthier lifestyle in harmony with nature. An innovative conservation community, Serosun Farms sets a new standard. The community serves as a living example for land, resource, and habitat management. These real examples create real learning opportunities. With 300 acres of open space, including restored prairie, wetlands and savanna, as well as equestrian and agricultural components, Serosun Farms provides many learning opportunities for you and your family. Serosun Farms facilitates many of these educational programs primarily focused on nature, farming, food and cooking. Or simply explore the 300 acres for yourself. Serosun Farms also organizes many community activities. Stay involved, be happy, live healthy, gain a sense of community. Serosun Farms.
Community Center
Our future community center will provide a wide range of amenities starting with its pool. The center will also include tennis and basketball courts, meeting event and business facilities, a fitness and game room, and bar/grill. The center will enhance Serosun Farms' sense of community as a venue to meet, work, relax, play, or learn. Events, activities and various programs will take place at the community center - from everyday pool use to business meeting and dinner events to cooking classes to leisurely tennis matches and competitive pickup basketball games.
Farmer's Market & Gourmet Deli
Serosun Farms will be partnering with many local restaurants to supply them with sustainable produce, meats, cheeses and other specialty items. In additional to supplying local business, we will also be offering these items to our estate members at our Farmer's Market and a Gourmet Deli. Imagine starting your day by enjoying a peaceful walk to the farmers market. Or not having to jump in your car and run to the grocery store at rush hour just to grab that one item you forgot for the wonderful meal you are preparing for you and your guests. Run down to the Farmer's Market or Gourmet Deli and grab only the freshest of selections. Sit on your front porch and take in the breathtaking views and sun set with your guests after dinner. Relax and enjoy the Serosun Farms way.
Community Broadband Service
Enjoy fast internet service through out Community Broadband at home or within the community - sit at the community center and stay connected. Residents will be able to access through their monthly services. In an effort of sustainability, residents will also be able to access community documents and information from Serosun Farms' website through our estate member portal. Enjoy one convenient location for all your community information.
Estate Management
Our professional estate management team is ready to help you with full service concierge services maintaining your residence and your lifestyle. We handle all the details for you. Need someone to "warm up" your home? Just let us know. Our services can help you create enjoyable, worry-free living. Please contact us for a complete list of services we can provide
Bed & Breakfast and Spa
Our vision is a real community with homes of architectural significance intelligently designed to the land. We feel our vision will bring people, not only for our sustainable precedence, but who will also come here to build their dream homes, to instill architecture into the rural charm of the land that is all around us. We want Serosun Farms to be a destination. Whether it is those folks stopping through to see the architecture or experience any of the many community amenities; or folks settling in to raise their family, retreating for the weekend, or starting a new adventure after retirement, Serosun Farms has something for everyone. Take advantage of our bed & breakfast when your family comes to visit. Send them to the spa or meet them for breakfast at our on-site restaurant...of course utilizing some of the freshest and most sustainable food grown right here on the estate.