How do I buy a home?
You will have the opportunity to work with our award-winning development team to incorporate your lifestyle, select the appropriate lot and truly customize and build your dream home. Ask one of our sales representatives for more details
What types of homes will be built?
Homes will be a luxurious collection of architectural significant custom homes and will range in size from cottage to farmhouse to small country estates.
When will you break ground?
We have already broken ground.   The model home is complete and the roads for the first release of lots has been completed. Our first new homes are under construction.
Is the project really green?
Yes. On many levels from land use, community design, advanced building techniques and materials going into our high performance and efficient homes. Please see our Sustainability page for more details.
How do I know the open space and farm will always be there?
The vision of Serosun Farms is to protect and preserve our land from future development and suburban sprawl.  In fact, farmland preservation is a key element. The open space and farmland are protected with an agricultural easements with Kane county.
Is the price competitive?
Our homes sit on 1 acre lots with over 300 acres of shared space. The Estate is rich in its amenities and priceless in its beauty, tranquility, and healthy living. The return on investment for a Serosun Farms home is significant with a low dependency on public utilities and well designed and built homes with durable products that will stand the test of time.
What is the Estate and how does it work?
The Estate is a fully managed sustainable agriculture community, including other operations such as a world class equestrian facility and farmer's market and offering many services to provide our Estate members a maintenance-free lifestyle in the management of their home and property.
Will your homes be net zero energy homes?
Our goals include lowering energy requirements by 70-90% over traditional homes with HERS scores below 50 and commonly in the 30 range. While much of the community's energy will be provided by onsite, renewable sources, such as solar and geothermal, we are not requiring homes to be net zero or lowering home energy requirements by 100%. Net zero would be great and fully supported, but we are not requiring it.
What are the community amenities?
Serosun Farms is an amenity rich estate offering something for everyone. Please see our Community page for more details.
Do you have a good team of people to help me with sustainable building?
Many years were spent developing and refining our plans and processes for our community, carefully selecting and partnering with the very best contractors, vendors and products as well as identifying our master builder that will deliver your home. We are very excited to offer the very best product and home buying experience in a very forward-thinking sustainable community.