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Serosun Farms is an innovative conservation community situated over 400 acres of picturesque countryside. Its graceful combination of agricultural preservation and sustainable living with modern luxury and architectural significance offers homeowners a rare blend of rural charm and high-performance homes with every modern amenity. Estate members of Serosun Farms will enjoy high-performance, custom homes with superior craftsmanship utilizing the latest technology and green building practices, complimented by breathtaking views, that will endure for generations. Lots consist of approximately one acre of land, and every home will be personalized to perfection. Whether you envision a country cottage, a traditional farmhouse or a sprawling estate, our award-winning development team will incorporate your life and style into your property, and ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.

Our community has something for everyone: 
  • Rural Home Owners. Residential buyers looking for large homes in a rural settings and don't want or have time for the efforts required to maintain a large rural estate or farmette. They are typically business executives, business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. They get the advantages and flavor of a large farm estate without the daily responsibilities. 
  • Retirement Estate Members. Retirees or people nearing retirement looking for a rural setting to live in. They are looking for a unique, active lifestyle in a rural setting but don't want to have the responsibilities of maintaining a farm. 
  • Weekend/Second Home Owners. Buyers that live in downtown Chicago or outside of the immediate area and looking for a relatively close, rural, weekend home with the opportunity to escape the busy life to this tranquil rural oasis. Horse back ride, explore nature and the miles of trails including 40 acres of woodlands, snowshoe, cross-country ski, relax at the community center or simply take it all in from your front porch: the picturesque backdrop, the sunset, the fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmers market or architecturally significant homes around you. 
  • The Equestrian Enthusiasts. Competitive riders and hobbyists who want to be near their horses and want high end housing. Our state-of-the-art facilities are complemented by professional board and care, and high-level fitness, training, feeding and treatment programs offer the very best in equestrian living. 
  • The Green Enthusiasts. Serosun Farms is the ultimate in sustainable living. The estate itself sets a new standard in innovative conservation community through its land, water, and habitat management. We build high-performance, custom homes that are healthier and more comfortable to live in, longer lasting, easier to maintain and more cost effective than traditionally built homes. 
Our community simply provides a better, healthier place to live, work, play, learn and grow, both indoors and out. Whatever brought you to Serosun Farms, we are excited you are here and a part of this sustainable community! 

To learn more about how to get into Serosun Farms and our custom home building process,  email us at