Serosun Farms is dedicated to implementing an environmentally sound, sustainable approach to living. Every element of the community - from the active agricultural operations, residential housing and equestrian center to the preservation and restoration of natural areas - is being developed with our focus on sustainable approaches that meet our environmental, economic and social goals:
* Innovative land use management
* Soil and water resource conservation
* Wildlife habitat management '
* Sustainable farming practices
* Utilization of renewable energy resources
* Green and sustainable building practices
* Community, cultural and educational programs

Specific Goals for the Community Include:
* Provide 70-80% of energy through clean, renewable, onsite sources.

Key energy sources on Serosun Farms include wind, solar, and geothermal energy.
* Reduce energy requirements by 80-90% over tradtional developments
* Reduce home water requirements up to 50%
* Create healthy homes by improving indoor air quality and ventilation
* Provide a living example of sustainable development and land management
* Reduce the community's carbon footprint and foster a sustainable way of life
* Preserve, restore, and maintain the quality of natural resources
* Create a vibrant community that celebrates the beauty, cultural and history of the area and preserves its rural character